100 Sales Probing Questions to Truly Understand Your Prospects’ Pain [Infographic]

7 Nov

Probing questions ask for more detail on a particular matter. They’re often follow-up questions like, “Could you tell me more about that?” or “Please explain what you mean.” Probing questions are meant to clarify a point or help you understand the root of a problem, so you know how best to move forward. More >>

Why Retirees Have to Talk About Long-Term Care

5 Nov

We all avoid certain tasks in our lives, whether it’s something small like our gym schedule, or something bigger, like spring cleaning. But one thing that should never be avoided is making a long-term care plan. Many of us know someone who had to spend all of their savings paying for care in a facility rather than sunning themselves on a Florida beach vacation. More >>

The Best Staycations in Every State

2 Nov

Sometimes, the best vacations are ones that don’t require a passport or even a plane ticket: They’re in spots that can be found in your state—or one nearby. Click through to find close, easy, and fun staycation options. More >>