Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Stint on Disability Insurance

29 Apr

Working for yourself or running your own business usually comes with a multitude of perks and benefits – flexible work schedules, the joy of being your own boss, the ability to explore and bring to fruition your creative passions and more. In many cases, working remotely can also be an option, allowing entrepreneurs to choose when and where they work. More >>

How To Choose A Life Insurance Beneficiary

22 Apr

One of the world’s most influential fashion moguls passed away and may have dedicated part of a $300 million fortune to his pet cat. This had a lot of people undoubtedly thinking, “Who would I leave everything to if I died unexpectedly?” More >>

The Right Life Insurance Policy for You

15 Apr

Most of us are familiar with health insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners or renters insurance. But how much do you know about life insurance? Despite the fact that it’s one of the most important types of insurance to have, many Americans either have inadequate coverage or don’t have coverage at all. More >>

26 Sales Jokes to Brighten Up Your Day

12 Apr

Sales can be rough. Some reps deal with hard days by going for a coffee or listening to music. I’m always asking what salespeople’s most effective motivation-boosting techniques are. One of the most popular responses? Scrolling through funny sales memes, and short videos, or having a little fun with their email subject lines. More >>

The Art of Asking Open-Ended Questions

10 Apr

When qualifying, you bring value to your prospects, clients, and yourself through the questions you ask — but only if they’re good questions. Allow me to introduce you to a concept I call “high-value questions.” Simply stated, a high-value question for sales is one that creates a learning experience for either the questioner (you), the person being questioned (your prospect or client), or both. Naturally, the best high-value questions provide insight for all parties concerned. More >>

How to Memorize More and Faster Than Other People

5 Apr

People like to joke that the only thing you really “learn” in school is how to memorize. As it turns out, that’s not even the case for most of us. If you go around the room and ask a handful of people how to memorize things quickly and how to remember things, most of them will probably tell you repetition. More >>