8 Ways to Game a Life Insurance Exam and Get a Better Rate

14 Dec

121415insuranceexamInsurers can require applicants to take a health exam that includes blood work and a urine sample, giving an accurate picture of a potential customer’s cholesterol level and if they have nicotine in their body.
For healthy life insurance policyholders, the differences in annual premiums can be hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars when compared to what people who smoke, drink to excess, are obese or otherwise unhealthy pay for the same coverage. More >>

How to Take a Life Insurance Medical Exam

14 Nov

111414medicalexamIf you want to obtain the most affordable type of life insurance, be prepared to take a medical exam. Before you are issued a policy, life insurance companies must first determine if you are prone to illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. A paramedical company working with your carrier will send out a certified medical professional (a paramed) to conduct the medical tests and send the results to the company’s underwriter. More >>