The Travel Tipping Quiz

13 Nov

tippingAhhh, here comes the pool attendant with that fresh towel you asked for. Isn’t vacation relaxing? Not if you’re stressing about whether to tip him, how much to tip him or whether all these tips – a dollar here, five dollars there, 15% of the bill over here – are busting your vacation budget. Who will you be expected to tip on your journey, and how much is typically appropriate? Take our quiz to find out now. More >>

InsureNOW Direct Blog Turns 1

6 Nov

110615birthdayHappy Birthday to the InsureNOW Direct blog! This past year we worked to provide interesting and informative content while adding some fun on Fridays. We look forward to another great year! Have a suggestion? Leave a comment below!

Since we are all a year older and wiser, test your mental sharpness by tackling these brain teasers. More >>

3 Factors That Will Drive Your Life Insurance Premiums Through The Roof

2 Nov

agefactorWhat you’ll pay for a life insurance policy can vary dramatically; men pay higher premiums than women, older policyholders pay more than younger ones and smokers pay more than non-smokers. But just how much does your age, gender or smoking habit cost you? More >>

10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Halloween

30 Oct

HalloweenHalloween is a celebration of all things spooky, and in the United States it’s surrounded by a few odd traditions like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. Here are a few interesting facts about how some of today’s practices got started as well as other fun tidbits about the unique holiday. More >>

InsureNOW – Updated with Exclusive Features

28 Oct

102815InsureNOWWe’ve been busy upgrading InsureNOW, Crump’s online transaction center designed to accelerate your insurance business processing…giving you more time to sell. Join us for a live demo and experience the new features added to InsureNOW including warm transfers, simplified issue, a needs analysis calculator, our marketing blog, and an improved AppNOW Full-Service customer experience. Register here.

Of Course You Don’t Need Life Insurance!

26 Oct

EstateMost of us take more time planning our vacations than our financial futures. That’s why we decided that a quick chat with a top financial advisor might do us all some good. We spoke with Sarah Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC, who is a partner and President of Business & Estate Advisers Inc. in the Minneapolis area. She led us through some common misconceptions about life insurance and who actually has an “estate.” More >>

Want To Develop Your Kid’s Financial Brain? Use This Board Game

23 Oct

boardgameI wanted to remind everyone about a simple yet very effective financial literacy tool: Monopoly.
There are few better lessons in life than on-the-job training. Monopoly is a great tool to simulate financial lessons. I’d recommend that you wait for a rainy day to pull the popular board game out, but when that day comes, you’ll find tons of excitement for children of all ages. More >>