10 Crazy Insurance Policies You Didn’t Know Existed

9 Oct

twinsMost people think they’ve got their insurance bases covered once they’ve bought the basics like health, auto, home, and life. Little do they know there’s a whole world of crazy insurance policies out there that can protect against just about any imaginable misfortune. More >>

4 Sales Pitches Every Insurance Agent Should Know

7 Oct

Baseball Pitcher Throwing ball, selective focusMost professional baseball pitchers who have achieved Hall of Fame status attribute their success to having a variety of pitches. Not only did these professionals control the speed and pitch location, but they also threw many distinctive pitches such as a two-seam fastball, a four seamer, a curve, a splitter, a change, a split finger, a slider, and a cutter.
Many times while viewing a game the commentators say the pitcher’s best pitch is not moving, causing him to rely on another pitch. Soon the opposing team identifies this weakness and capitalizes on his one pitch arsenal. His fate for that outing is usually failure. The same is true with an insurance producer.
So what are the pitches an insurance ace should throw? More >>

The Facts of Life Insurance

5 Oct

Let’s face the facts: life insurance does not get a lot of attention in our daily lives. It requires us to address a subject that many prefer to avoid — our own mortality. Yet, for most people life insurance is important for building a sound financial plan, and it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. More >>

Different Business Etiquette Around the World

2 Oct

etiquettebusinessBusiness etiquette varies quite differently around the world. It’s important to understand all the different business etiquette these days when successful businesses have to often deal with people from different cultures. Understanding business and gearing it to fit the audience works differently between selling to higher education and introducing a new gadget. Etiquette is pivotal in shaping relationships with partners. More >>

5 Most Common Mistakes People Make with Life Insurance

28 Sep

wrongwayNow that it’s September, many people are focused on getting into the swing of the school year and putting behind them the more-relaxed pace of summer. Not many are focused on thinking about life insurance. But actually, September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so it is a natural time to focus on this topic. Over the years, I’ve seen that there is a lot of confusion around this topic – from what type of insurance is best to how much you need and where to get it. With that in mind, below are the five most common mistakes people make when it comes to life insurance. More >>

Move It! 5 Simple Ways to Get More Exercise at Work

25 Sep

workexerciseYou already know that sitting all day at work isn’t good for your health, but how do you combat the negative health effects of a desk job? Sure, you can head to the gym after work, but when you don’t have time to focus purely on your fitness, you can still get in a little exercise in the office — without even breaking a sweat.
Here are five simple ways to get moving at work. More >>

“Are You Talkin’ To Me?” LIMRA Guest Speaker Leads Webinar

23 Sep

092315LIMRAHow are you talking to your clients about life insurance products? To the average consumer, life insurance products and concepts can be overwhelming and confusing. Join us on September 30, 2015 at 3:00 pm ET as Scott Kallenbach, Director, Strategic Research, LIMRA shares an insightful presentation about their research into what consumers are really hearing when presented with life insurance information. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how a simple shift in your thinking and the way you talk to your clients may help you to really speak their language! View and register for the webinar here.

Do You Know How Life Insurance Works?

18 Sep

LI_quizLife insurance, like any insurance, gives you peace of mind should something happen to you. But knowing what you need and what to look for in a life insurance policy can be overwhelming. If you are thinking about taking out a life insurance policy, see how much you know about life insurance through our handy quiz. More >>

For Most US Workers, Retiring at 65 is No Longer an Option

16 Sep

Man in home office on telephone using computer smilingIf you find yourself working among more seniors who should be enjoying their time on leisure activities, then you’re clued into a growing trend: aging boomers who, voluntarily or otherwise, are working past the traditional retirement age of 65. For most, the need to make ends meet will be the driving factor. More >>