What if COVID-19 Keeps Clients from Working?

6 May

One of the most significant challenges advisors face is how to help clients address the myriad of financial decisions that could impact their households. Retirement planning tends to receive great attention because it’s an easy conversation to initiate and often a focus for clients already. Comparatively few clients, however, consider the potential impact of losing their ability to generate an income due to disability. More>>

Moms Listen Up: You Need Life Insurance, Too

4 May

Could you imagine the total cost of having your own personal chef, nurse practitioner, counselor, bookkeeper, decorator, chauffeur, cleaning lady? It would cost a ton! It is very common in many households where the breadwinner has purchased plenty of insurance to cover them, but what about the stay-at-home mom who performs many of the above tasks on a daily basis? More>>

20 Best Hanging Plants for Your Patio, Parlor, and Everywhere in Between

1 May

Are you excited to start gardening this spring? We can’t wait! With more time spent at home, we’re looking forward to stepping up our gardening game by working on some new projects. Whether you’re brand new to the gardening world or have been a pro for years, we’ve got you covered with gardening ideas that will make your beds bloom. More>>

Consumers Looking to Buy Life Insurance

27 Apr

Half of all consumers are interested in increasing or buying life insurance, but they are 90% certain that they don’t want to do business face-to-face. That is according to a survey conducted at the end of March, as COVID-19 and lockdowns were spreading nationally. More>>

11 Fun Ways to Stay Occupied During the Pandemic

24 Apr

Clients are concerned about the coronavirus. Their personal health. Travel restrictions. The economy. The stock markets. As their advisor, you want to keep in touch. You also want to lift their spirits. If every conversation sounds like: “It’s bad now. It’s going to get worse,” they might not be looking forward to these conversations.

Here are a few outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic that might lift their spirits and convey: “We might get through this after all.” More>>

How to Buy Life Insurance During The COVID-19 Pandemic

20 Apr

If you’re shopping for life insurance, you might encounter some new processes and temporary roadblocks due to COVID-19. If you’re new to buying life insurance, you may not realize that those who shopped a few months ago may have had a different experience. More>>

Pandemic Unknown COVID-19 Coronavirus

16 Apr

Guest contributor: Emily Bancroft, MS, ALMI, AIRC, ACS, Underwriter, Crump Life Insurance Services

The United States has entered what feels like an uncertain time for many people. It has been generations since our country has been faced with a pandemic of this magnitude. The scary part of COVID-19 is that we do not have a lot of answers and there is so much unknown with this novel coronavirus. The important thing for all of us is to remain calm, educate ourselves on what is known, and prepare as best we can. More>>