10 Great Places to Retire If You Hate the Cold

15 Nov

Are you hoping to retire your snow gear when you exit the workforce? We don’t blame you. Harsh winters can be particularly difficult as you age. Older adults lose body heat faster than when they were younger, and their health can suffer before they even realize quite how cold they are, according to the National Institute on Aging. More >>

Demystifying the U.S. Vaping Crisis

13 Nov

Guest contributor: Emily Bancroft, MS, ALMI, AIRC, ACS, Underwriter, Crump Life Insurance Services

The past few months have been filled with countless news headlines concerning the vaping epidemic. A multitude of cases of vaping-related lung illnesses and vaping deaths have been reported. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1,299 lung injury cases associated with the use of electronic cigarette, or vaping, products have been reported to the CDC as of October 8, 2019, from 49 states, the District of Columbia, and one U.S. territory. More >>

25 Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets You Can Actually Buy on Amazon

8 Nov

Everyone loves cooking! Okay well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of us do enjoy it. And I’ll admit, there’s something a bit exciting about getting a new kitchen tool using it when making your next meal. A lot of them are pretty straight forward and useful, like a blender or rolling pin. More >>

42 Email Sign-Offs That Put ‘Best’ and ‘Thanks’ to Shame

6 Nov

Most of us stop reading after the last full sentence in an email. After all, the majority of people sign-off with “Best,” “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or something similarly boring. However, the ubiquity of boring email sign-offs is actually a great opportunity. More >>

25 Unique Animal Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge

1 Nov

Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Do you think you are familiar with the natural world? Then you should have no troubles passing our special animal trivia challenge we’ve prepared for you today. Here are 25 Unique Animal Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge. More >>