The New Year is a Wonderful Time to Consider Life Insurance Coverage

2 Jan

As you check things off your list this holiday season and kick off the new year, take some time to consider your family’s long-term financial security.

You may not be able to put a bow on peace of mind, but life insurance may be the perfect gift for your loved ones as we start a new year.

Life comes with many expenses, which can be especially obvious during this time of year. Life insurance is the best way to ensure your loved ones have a safety net to manage their expenses should something happen to you and your income. More>>

Life Insurance: Build and Protect Multigenerational Wealth

28 Dec

Some advisors may wonder what value life insurance can offer high net worth individuals, considering people in that income bracket already have accumulated significant wealth.

But although they might have more wealth, they typically have more debt and more expenses and owe more in taxes. They also may expect or desire to pay for their children’s or grandchildren’s educations, for their children’s or grandchildren’s weddings, or a charitable legacy. Life insurance can help build multigenerational wealth while ensuring that a person’s or couple’s hard-earned money passes to future generations in the most tax-efficient way possible. More>>

It Wasn’t My Life That Flashed Before My Eyes

26 Dec

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect life for myself other than the life I was currently living.

I had traveled the world as a four-time Olympian. With my soulmate and husband by my side, I marveled at the wonders of life as we raised our three young children to be adventurous, courageous, and strong. I had started a successful career helping others protect their futures.

I couldn’t imagine how much my own life would soon change. More>>

What’s the Ideal Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Winter?

23 Dec

If you and your family squabble over the thermostat in the wintertime, it might help to know that there are official recommendations for the most comfortable, energy-efficient winter thermostat settings. And turning your thermostat down by seven to 10 degrees when the house is empty can save you as much as 10 percent on your annual heating bill. To restore peace in your household — and save a little money to boot — read on for winter thermostat recommendations. More>>

Why This is the Golden Age for Life Insurance

21 Dec

Every generation has defining moments, but few experience an event like the COVID-19 pandemic — an inflection point that delineates the “before” from everything that follows. Historians and future generations will undoubtedly use the past two-plus years to study significant societal change. In the life insurance industry, we felt change too. More>>

I’m Gen Z… Do I Need Life Insurance?

19 Dec

Gen Z adults are between the ages of 18 and 24 today… they’re young and healthy overall. So if you’re part of this generation, you may be thinking, why would I need life insurance?

But life happens. Life insurance can still be beneficial in case of sudden death, illness or other tragic and unforeseen circumstances. Knowing the different types of life insurance available is the first step in deciding what works best for your lifestyle. More>>

How to Bring Homemade Foods Through Airport Security, According to the TSA

16 Dec

Whether you’re planning a trip to visit loved ones or taking a vacation, you might be contemplating bringing a few of your favorite foods along like a treasured recipe or baked goods.

If it’s a road trip, then all you really need to do is to stow your perishable items in a cooler or bag, pack them into the car, and you’re good to go.

If you’re traveling by air, however, it’s a different story. More>>

5 Benefits of Life Insurance for Retirees

12 Dec

Many retirees have reached the point of financial security and might not consider life insurance important. Others might feel they don’t qualify or can’t afford the premiums. There’s also a misconception that life insurance is only for people with young families, dependents or those with significant debts.

While some people may be more likely to see the need for life insurance than others, retirees still have many benefits. More>>