The Inflation Reduction Act Creates Urgency for Clients to Make Large Gifts

7 Dec

Guest contributor Jon Whitacre, JD, CLU, ChFC, is director, advanced sales, Crump Life Insurance Services.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was signed into law on Aug. 16. This new law’s provisions — along with the forthcoming sunset of the gift tax exemption levels that were part of the 2017 tax reform law — make this an attractive time for high net worth clients to consider making large gifts. More>>

8 Questions for Your Life Insurance Agent

5 Dec

Life insurance is an important purchase to protect your dependents’ livelihood. Because life insurance can be an intimidating topic, you might feel overwhelmed by your coverage options and delay purchasing a life insurance policy altogether. Unfortunately, avoiding such a significant discussion can be costly and detrimental in the long run, especially if the unexpected happens. More>>

How to Melt Ice Fast (Hint: It’s Not Salt!)

2 Dec

In the dark and cold winter months, the last thing you want to do is shovel ice and snow from your driveway. We hear ya! While rock salt might be a quick fix to melt ice, it’s not always easy to find once temperatures drop, either. What to do? More>>

Awareness: The Key to Protecting Your Practice from Identity Theft

30 Nov

Guest contributors Joy Dawe, senior vice president, market conduct, and Hannah Wittmer, market conduct specialist at Crump Life Insurance Services.

Here are some fraudulent schemes that target insurance professionals and could compromise privileged information, resulting in an increased risk of fraudsters accessing client information. More>>

Why Insurance May Help You Feel Better

28 Nov

Just imagining a scenario in which you can’t pay your bills is stressful. Now imagine how stressful it would be if you really can’t pay a bill. One’s mental health could be put to the test.

Dealing with an emergency is likely to raise anyone’s blood pressure. Oftentimes, it comes with a high price. Many Americans feel unprepared to pay for one — whether the emergency is related to their health or home. A recent Bankrate survey reports that 58 percent of adults are concerned about the amount of money they have saved for these unexpected expenses.

These concerns can lead to real stress. More>>

Static Assumption Do Not Account for Unforeseen Risks

23 Nov
Guest contributor Reggie Phillips, CLU, ChFC, CASL, is manager—insurance strategists at Truist Life Insurance Services.

How do financial professionals incorporate conversations around the risk of long-term care into their planning? Although the financial impact can be quantified by analysis, the focus first should be on the emotional impact on the family and the struggles of caregivers who would provide care.

Read on for some positioning statements and questions to help your clients think through their potential future need for long-term care. More>>

10 Advantages of Hybrid Life Insurance with Long-Term Care

21 Nov
You probably know about hybrid cars. But do you know about hybrid life insurance?

This coverage combines long-term care and life insurance into one policy. Like hybrid cars, these hybrid policies are increasingly popular. That’s because they have some unique benefits. More>>