Why are People Afraid of Life Insurance?

18 Oct

No one likes to think about it, but we all know we’ll die someday. We also know no matter how many kale smoothies we choke down, the chances of us passing on before our children run fairly high. Why is it, then, so many people have difficulty talking about life insurance? Life insurance is a valuable financial planning tool which can ensure your family has the resources they need to recover emotionally from your death without encountering serious economic hardship. The right coverage ensures you have the peace of mind knowing if an accident claims your life tomorrow, your family can pay for your funeral and take time off work to mourn. Finally, if you have younger children, the right coverage can launch their college education and future career. Here’s what you need to know about life insurance, so you can make the best decision for you and your family. More>>

25 Horror Movies That Were Based on True Stories

15 Oct

When watching an especially scary horror movie, it’s easy to dismiss the film’s frights as fake…unless, of course, the plot happens to be inspired by actual events. That makes things a bit more tricky and a bit more terrifying (or at least more entertaining). Consider yourself warned: You may be surprised by some of the entries on this list. Here are the 25 best horror movies based on true stories. More>>

Want ‘Diamond Hands?’ Buy an Annuity!

13 Oct

Guest contributor: John M. Neumann, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CRPC, is an annuity wholesaler at Crump Life Insurance Services.

The meme culture has produced a new class of investors and some important lessons for financial advisors and their clients. The Reddit crowd is seemingly unfazed by extreme volatility in stocks like GameStop or AMC because of a cherished talent they call “Diamond Hands.”
Diamond Hands is the ability to stomach all of the risk, losses and drama surrounding their equity position in an effort to get to an end goal. Most investors, however, don’t subscribe to the you only live once (YOLO) lifestyle. More>>

The World’s 30 Most Baffling Superstitions

8 Oct

Many of our most long-lasting superstitions—like avoiding ladders, Friday the 13th, or spilling salt—date back centuries and have surprising origin stories. Here’s how some of our biggest superstitions gained a foothold in our modern minds. More>>

Life Insurers Have Significant Opportunity with the Hispanic Community

6 Oct

While the Hispanic community is very diverse, comprising of heritages from across Latin America, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, they share common cultural values, especially around the importance of family. These values are reflected in their financial priorities and concerns.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, LIMRA has collected 15 facts about Hispanic consumers and life insurance. More>>

Remembering the Loeras During National Hispanic Heritage Month

4 Oct

Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States. And their many contributions to American history and culture are being celebrated between September 15 and October 15 as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month. All of us at Life Happens salute the Hispanics working in the life insurance industry during National Hispanic Heritage Month. We also want to encourage Hispanic-Americans to consider the financial lifeline that life insurance can provide their loved ones. The story highlights how life insurance greatly helped one Hispanic family. More>>

Words You Might be Surprised to Discover are Actually Brand Names

1 Oct

Making a brand so popular it becomes a generic term is every marketing person’s dream, but can also become a nightmare. “Genericization” is the ultimate marketing accolade, a sign that a household name has universal appeal and is the go-to in its field, but it can also lead to the dreaded “genericide”, when a brand loses identity and distinctiveness, not to mention its trademark. More>>

12 Phrases That Alienate Clients (and 12 to Use Instead)

29 Sep

Words are like toothpaste. Once out, it can’t go back into the tube. As a financial advisor, you know certain words can make a person more receptive and other words turn them off and create distance. You would never make some of these mistakes, but I’ve made many. Fortunately, I’ve lived to tell the tale. More>>

3 Reasons to Consider Term Life Insurance

27 Sep

Despite the devastation the pandemic has caused over the past year, perhaps there is a silver lining to be found in COVID-19’s dark clouds. Mortality and financial wellness have been brought into sharp focus, resulting in more people seeking life insurance coverage to protect their families. A closer look at locking in future insurability with a term life insurance policy reveals three significant benefits. More>>