Is Your Personality Perfect for Sales?

3 Feb

skd183545sdcWhat’s the difference between salespeople who struggle and salespeople who look forward to fat commission checks every single pay day?

Researchers have poured countless hours into studying what makes salespeople successful. And they’ve discovered that salespeople who possess certain personality traits perform much better than those who don’t have those traits. Here are the most fascinating discoveries into what makes A players tick. More >>

Insure Your Love

1 Feb

020116insureyourloveFebruary is the month of love. What better way to show your family you love them than by pursuing a life insurance plan? While scrambling for the perfect bracelet, necktie, or box of chocolates, remember sometimes the best gift can’t be seen. More >>

65 Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Insurance Sales

27 Jan

012716motivationalquotesSuccessful insurance sales professionals have to learn early on how to maintain a thick skin and a positive attitude. A great way to keep yourself motivated, especially during tough times, is to be reminded of why you do what you do, the positive impact your efforts have on others, and how to stay resilient.

Insurance sales success takes dedication, passion, hard work and time, but these 65 motivational quotes should amp you up to close that next deal. More >>

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance

25 Jan

01251610thingsdidntknowIf we’re to be honest, there are more than ten things we don’t know about how people view life insurance.

After hearing stories of how life insurance aided families following the deaths of loved ones—like how it supported an expectant mother who was suddenly widowed—we know that life insurance can mean the difference between a tragedy and a tragedy with a recovery plan.

That’s why LearnVest teamed up with Guardian Life Insurance to conduct a survey aimed at offering a comprehensive look at the attitudes and behaviors of men and women toward life and disability insurance. More >>


Snow Day? 15 Things to Do When in Bad Weather

22 Jan

012216childsnowHave kids who are stuck at home during a snow day? It can be easy to go stir-crazy when school closings build up and the kids run out of indoor activities to do. Here’s a list of 15 things to do on a snowy day without leaving the driveway. More >>

Here’s What 5 Celebrity Deaths Can Teach You About Life Insurance

18 Jan

011816celebritydeathsYou buy a life insurance policy to cover your family’s expenses after you die. If you bungle — by getting too little coverage, skipping payments or not updating your policy — the result can be a quagmire.

The same goes for celebrities, with oodles more money at stake. Their life insurance policy errors can lead to dwindled coverage equal to far less than what stars are worth.

See these big-name examples of what not to do. More >>

12 Top International Places to Retire

15 Jan

012216internationalretirementCraving a touch of excitement when you leave the workplace for good?

Needing a place where retirement money will stretch a bit farther while still allowing you a piña colada on a sunny beach every now and then?

Well, look no further, because the kind folks at Live and Invest Overseas have come up with what they say are the 12 best countries in which to retire—if you’re determined not to stay in the good old U.S. of A. More >>